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Supporting improvement of competency development for the whole nation

Korea Vocational Broadcasting, Work-TV

Work-TV is a government subsidized professional TV channel run by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and HRD Korea. It provides a variety of information and programs on jobs and recruitment information, lifelong learning lectures, successful story in competency development. It targets the wide audience including employers, job seekers, employees, the youth, etc.
in order to contribute to improving the peopleí»s quality of life through employment.


Development and distribution of HRD multimedia contents

We aim to establish infrastructure for vocational competency development in the private and public sectors through HRD content development and service.
- We develop and distribute the training materials such as HRD book and multimedia content (audio-visual media & e-book) based on industrial site for the development of lifelong vocational skills and vocational technical skills for all citizens.


Vocational Competency Development Month in September

By holding the HRD event every year, we promote the public interest and participation in the development of vocational competency. Also, the event contributes to realization of competency based society which enables workersí» continuous learning at workplace.


Monitoring training quality promotion

It is necessary to acknowledge the problems and obstacles of the training system so as to allow the government to support training services for the development and improvement of corporate competitiveness and to adequately provide service for workers and the unemployed. By listening to the complaints and demands of training providers and beneficiaries (corporations, workers, the unemployed, etc.), the training system could be improved and the training environment for training institutions enhanced. At the same time, immediate action could be taken to correct or prevent defective or illegitimate training.
This will in turn enhance the quality management of the vocational competency development training.

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