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Overview of Helping Overseas Employment of Korean Youths

Overseas employment support business was first conducted in 1998, and have been actively implemented as a central business since then. Starting from holding job fairs and briefings at the beginning of the business, multilateral businesses were implemented, such as signing agreements with various levels of domestic and foreign organizations, establishing infrastructure for the overseas employment support, overseas employment support for specialized jobs, such as IT personnel, strengthening employment training system, and performing national agenda to develop global youth leaders, to facilitate overseas advancement of Korean industrial workers.

In the early 2000s, overseas employment counseling and job seeker registration work was expanded to all 23 affiliated organizations in each city and province. In the mid-2000s, overseas employment training and dispatch of interns were expanded focusing on the youths, in response to the governmentí»s youth unemployment measures, which were implemented in response to the intensified youth unemployment. In the latter half of 2000s, according to the governmentí»s comprehensive plan to train 100,000 global youth leaders, efforts to successfully implement the plan were actively carried out, as the managing organization of the overseas employment in public field.

From 2013, as Park Geun-hye administration launched, HRD Korea focused on implementing K-Move project as the national agenda. This was made up of job placement businesses composed of public-private collaboration for the overseas employment training & intern project and for the job matching, and provision of information through WorldJob+ for the youths who have passion and potential abilities, and the objective was to train talented individuals who have international perspectives. Furthermore, in order to expand global job territories HRD, Korea is collaborating with the global company Incruit, and finding jobs in the traditional advanced countries such as Europe, USA, and Japan, as well as focusing on Vietnam, Singapore, and other countries, whose demands for international workers are expanding recently.

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