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For Korean youths with passion and potentials to grow as global human resources and find quality jobs around the world, K-Move provides every support possible.

A Shortcut to Worldjob Plus

Vision:Youths advancing into the world, Korea becoming greater, Goal:To provide more youths with better overseas job opportunities

Recently, Korea is raising its status in the global society along with K-Pop fever and domestic enterprises' advancement abroad, the mood is advantageous for our youths to advance into the global stage. Furthermore, as the number of youths interested in finding jobs and founding a business abroad is increasing, the need for policies that promote youths' overseas advancement is also emphasized.

Against this background, the government seeks to support youths' challenges for overseas advancement by means of K-Move that integrates existing overseas advancement programs of different divisions and provides youths with substantial support.

In this regard, the HRD Korea conducts specific projects such as customized training courses and incentives for successful overseas employment, etc.

K-Move Website

For more details on the K-Move project, please visit the website of Worldjob Plus (www.worldjob.or.kr) and get information on each specific project.

K-Move School

  • Specialized training programs for youths with passion and talents to realize their dreams and visions abroad
    • - Provides training courses of 3 to 12 months in areas where youths have competitiveness or are capable of opening a new market connected with actual overseas job opportunities.
    • - Training expense funding: long-term: max. 8 million won per head; short-term: max. 5.8 million won per head (* In newly-emerging countries, 90% of the total expense is funded while the trainee bears only 10%)

K-Move Center

  • K-Move centers established and operated at overseas local KOTRA trade agencies
    • - Improving the usability of local private networks;
    • - Gathering information on job opportunities and connecting with local information networks;
    • - Examining the current condition of local labor markets;
    • - Follow-up management and consultation for overseas workers;
    • * Test running at 3 places (U.S., Japan, Indonesia) in 2013
      • 7 places (U.S., Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, UAE) in 2014
      • 10 places (Singapore, Australia, Canada) in 2015

Incentives for Successful Overseas Employment

  • Incentives to facilitate youths' overseas employment and continuous service;
    • - 2 million to 4 million won of incentives in total provided in two divided terms to youths working overseas who meet all the qualifications for application and employment (2,500 individuals per year)

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