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Overseas Job Placement

We connect foreign companies that need talented individuals from Korea and job seekers who desire to work abroad

Job-offering foreign companies: registering the job requirements

Requirements for registration

Companies with the workplace in a foreign country that desire to recruit Korean workers including multinational business,
local business, local corporation of a domestic company (large, middle, small), Korean entrepreneur etc.

* For business authentication, a company shall submit its local business registration certificate or other evidential documents such as business license when applying to Worldjob. In addition, the HRD Korea may request the diplomatic and consular
office to ascertain the fact. Working conditions announced and specified at Worldjob shall be fulfilled when a work contract
with a job seeker is concluded.

Those Who Desire to Work Abroad (aged 18 or older)

Filling in a resume form

Register at Worldjob as a member and fill in the resume and self-introduction forms before applying for job offers in
progress. When the resume is set to "Open," Worldjob will notify when there are recruitments matched with the job-seeker's
conditions via SMS, etc.

Profession Types

Various occupations including computing, medical service, construction, machinery, cooking, office work, trading, etc.
Whenever there is a request from abroad, Worldjob selects qualified applicants in the HR pool and conducts job placement.
Those who desire to work abroad are given information on overseas employment such as overseas labor markets,
foreign job-offering companies, etc.

Major Benefits

From consultation for employment to procedures of leaving the home country, those who desire to work abroad are given
help throughout the process of finding a job overseas.

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