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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting our website.
Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) has conducted business to support human resources development of companies and workers comprehensively such as life-long competency development, national competency standard(NCS), national qualification testing, foreign workforce employment support, overseas employment and promotion of advanced skills.

The investment in human resources development is a sustainable way for growth and development of both individuals and companies and will be the driving force behind the overall national development.

HRD Korea provides various kinds of employment support programs as a No.1 HRD partner which improves competency for life-long employment.

We will lay a strong foundation to realize a better economy for everyone, which is one of the goals of the Moon Jae-in government. We are collaborating with various business partners for providing field-oriented job service, international exchange and development cooperation in HRD.

We will continue to improve and change our system to support second or third career by reducing mismatch between companies and job seekers. We will also establish an infrastructure to resolve employment issue by preparing for the 4th industrial revolution systematically.

We will listen to the voices from the field and take the opinion with respect.
I hope you get the information you need on our web site and find an opportunity to upgrade your vocational competency.

Executives and employees including myself of HRD Korea will make our utmost efforts to be the best trusted HRD partner. Your continued attention to and support for us would be appreciated. Thank you.

President of HRD Korea Soobong Uh

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